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1974 Ramirez 1a. $3950 Cedar/Indian, minor dings, No Cracks, Vintage Sound.  Contact  for more information.  Posted Sept 3, 2000

1990 Bernd Martin Concert, $1500.  This guitar new has a price of $4500.  It has a very compact and powerful sound.  Email Luis at
for more information.  Posted July 30, 2000

1975 Khono model 10, Asking $2400.  Spruce top Indian rosewood sides 660 mm scale neck ,sounds excellent with a strong bass response.  Guitar is in near mint or at least excellent ++ condition for its age.  Comes with its original hardshell case. Contact Dwayne at 604-576-0300, 604-720-7420 or email at  Posted July 6, 2000

1996 Hirade H15 - Including HSC $1800.  Takamine's finest concert guitar with solid rosewood back and sides, solid spruce top and extraordinary attention to detail. Sounds absolutely gorgeous. Excellent condition.  Call Max Hoetzel at (310) 450-5444 or e-mail  Will e-mail pictures upon request. Posted July 6, 2000.

Approx. 1970 Ruben Flores Model 40.  Best offer over $1200. My guess is at least 30 years old.  Very good condition, beautiful instrument and beautiful sound.  Original hard shell case. Email me and send your phone number or email address.  I will get back to you with more details.  Thanks.  Posted June 30, 2000.

1954 Martin Classical  0028G.  Best offer over $1200.   About 1954, fair condition sweet tone with rich base.  Original hard shell case.
Email me and send your phone number or email address.  I will get back to you with more details.  Thanks.  Posted June 30, 2000.

1979 John Gilbert, $12,500.   Classical guitar with cedar table in immaculate condition serial #39. New Gilbert style tuners installed by John Gilbert in 1990s. E-mail inquiries only to William J Vlymen at  Posted June 19, 2000.

2000 Romanillos, Price £8000+ The guitar is to be completed in August 2000 and the details of the guitar are not yet ready. Email Jan M. Andersen if you are interested at  or call + 47 22 52 86 26 (Office hours) or + 47 31 28 05 24 (weekends and evenings), or email: jan.m.andersen@fellesdata.noPosted May 29, 2000.

1963 Guillermo del Pilar. Minimum $3500.  650 mm.  Brazilian back & sides, German spruce top, African mahogany neck, pure ebony fingerboard, German nickel-silver frets, real ivory nut, fine machines.  Above average condition, never cracked.  Excellent tone, slightly above average projection. With the guitar also goes an original handwritten letter from Sr. Del Pilar telling me how it  was made and how to care for it,  dated also in '63 or '64.
Write to Stefan Vogel via E-mail at Posted May 23, 2000.

1991 Dominique Field, $5500,  Spruce top, Brazilian back/sides, 650mm scale. In good condition. It has a very nice and brilliant sound and rich harmonics. Write to Sandra via E-mail at I live in Italy.  Posted May 22, 2000

1974 José Ramirez 1a Concert (Serial No. 7661), $5500, Classical guitar with excellent sound and in excellent condition.  Brazilian back and sides with a cedar top. Width at nut: 54 mm, Scale length: 665 mm. Made in Spain.  Call Lalo De Pilar at 713-271-9595 (Houston, TX), or fax: 713-271-9696, or E-mail:  Posted May 18, 2000

1997 Manuel Contreras II - $5500 (Double Top),  Cedar top, Brazilian rosewood - sides and back.
Excellent condition and really great guitar. Well balanced and powerful. Beautiful Spanish tone.  Email Denis Azebagic  at  Posted May 18, 2000

1996 GEORGE LOWDEN (#276) (No Price Given)  Spruce Top/ Brazillian Back/Sides 640 scale. Maple binding and gorgeous handmade rosette& Mahogany neck. Tremendous tone and projection. In excellent condition - still being broken in! Photos available. Call Seth Warner at 207-883-7115 or email at Posted May 1, 2000

1990 SAM DUNLAP (Mount Desert Island, Maine) $2000 Spruce top/bubinga (a rosewood variant) back and sides. 630 scale. While not being an exact historical copy, this guitar incorporates the shapes and bracing patterns of  19th century guitars. It is a beautiful guitar to both the eye and ear.  Decorative features include a gorgeous tile rosette and ebony and maple purlfing.  The sound is well balanced and is very sweet.  It is in excellent condition and is a charming and easy guitar to play, perfect for romantic and modern music alike. This would be a great find and a  great buy for anyone looking for a shorter scale guitar with a great sound! Photos available.  Call Seth Warner at 207-883-7115 or email at Posted May 1, 2000

1-This page is intended to contain Classical Guitars - of all price ranges - that individual owners would like to list for sale.
2-At the present time I will offer (subject to change) to post advertisements/notices for up to 180 days.  I will remove a post upon news from seller or any potential buyer who informs me that the instrument is no longer for sale as described.  Otherwise, after 180 days, I will remove it automatically and will repost if requested.
3- This is a FREE service and I get to make/change all the rules.  I  reserve the right to end this service without notice.
4- This service is presently not available to retail establishments or mail-order houses or luthiers or brokers. If you fall into one of those categories, please express your interest and I will consider some type of  service for on-going commercial interests.
Disclaimer:Caveat Emptor -- Buyers Beware! --
I assume no responsibility for the accuracy of postings, the integrity of the individuals offering instruments for sale, or the truthfullness of instrument descriptions, makers, models, condition, etc.  I  am in no way a party to any transaction that seller and buyer decide to undertake with one another.  I do not collect any type of  fee from buyers or from sellers or from anyone else involved in these postings.  I do not warrant that any seller is the legal, legitimate owner of any instrument listed.  This is a service intended merely to enhance interest in the classical guitar and this community.

Instructions for Listing Your Guitar

Send me a fast E-mailwith the following information:
- Instrument description as you'd like it listed (keep it limited to about a  hundred words or less, please).
- If an age and/or  price is provided, I will categorize the listings into several categories (beginner, student, concert, vintage)
- If you want a link back to a more lengthy description, photos, etc., provide the url
- Provide an email, phone number, or some way to contact you (duh...) -- names are not required, but encouraged (I am
    sensitive to the exposure you may be subjected to with  your instrument and your name posted here)

last updated September 3, 2000